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Universal Avanti LECA [light expanded clay aggregate] is a special aggregate fired from natural clay. Thanks to its properties, it is recommended for potted, horticultural and hydroponic cultivation. It is harmless to plants and the environment, and its use has many advantages. It helps to supply oxygen to the plant roots and retains moisture in the substrate. It protects plants from cold and limits weed growth. It is a great decorative element. It is resistant to bacteria, fungi and rodents and reduces the risk of plant infections.

Packaging: 15L, 40L


1. Growing in pots

Advantages: Avanti LECA helps to maintain a constant soil moisture and stimulates plant growth.

How to apply: Pour Avanti LECA into the pot up to its 1/4 volume. Then add a substrate layer adapted to the group of plants or vegetables and plant it. Remember to use a pot with holes in the bottom to drain excess water.

2. Cultivation in the ground and in channels

Advantages: Avanti LECA reduces water evaporation and the growth of weeds, while stimulating plant growth.

How to apply: Pour Avanti LECA at the bottom of the well up to its 1/4 volume (2-5 cm) and plant.

3. Hydroponic and terraponic cultivation

Advantages: Avanti LECA helps to maintain moisture and increases aeration.

How to use: Pour Avanti LECA up to 1/4 of the pot volume in hydroponic cultivation or 1/3 of its height in terraponic cultivation. Then place the plant seedling with a clean root system and pour LECA to the full.

4. Mulching

Advantages: Mulching with Avanti LECA helps to protect plants from overheating, freezing and rotting.

How to use: Pour about 2 cm of Avanti LECA below the surface or secure it with a garden edge.



Countries of origin: European Union


  • Garden Bark

  • Pellets

  • Stones, Pebbles and Chippings

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