SIA Siluflora

Siluflora is a family owned company with a wast experience in the production of top-quality peat substrates from Latvia for horticulture professionals.

The company headquarters are located in the Baltic states that are rich with the natural peat deposits of highest quality in the world.

Our office is located 50 km from the largest seaport of the Baltic Sea – in Riga and close to the main land transport routes, thus enabling us to transport products to our customers at an express pace.

SIA Siluflora - factory in Latvia

The company is one of the few producers using from sources of high or sphagnum moss peat and black peat that comes from peatlands in ecologically clean areas.

We produce mixed products designed depending on the application – mixtures of high peat, sphagnum moss peat, black peat, drainage sand and other additives. All products contain the necessary N-P-K-Mg macroelements and the microelements Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo depending on the requirements of our customers.

We have a modern production plant equipped with automatic production lines with state-of-the-art machines and systems. We conduct quality control throughout all production stages from the raw material to the final product. We have our own laboratory, where the physical properties of the peat are controlled on a regular basis and new specialised formulas are tested, that translates into more stable and vigorous crop growth.

Modern automatic production line in our production plant in Latvia
Horticulture farm

Our substrates are used at horticulture and vegetable farms worldwide and we continually increase our market presence in the Europe and globally.

Packages: 20 L – 250 L and bigbals 6m3.

Our products in packages

We use the experience gathered from our customers and partners and create new, improved recipes for our products. Consultations of our experts, as well as the highest quality raw materials, allow creation of wide spectrum unique formulations of substrates, ideally suited to the needs of our customers. Research on new, innovative solutions in peat substrates is carried out by scientists in several research laboratories in Europe.

Thanks to high production standards, our customers always receive the highest quality product.Our team of young and talented people, professionally prepared for their work, is a decisive factor in providing the highest quality product and cooperation to our partners.

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