Peat products

Our modern packaging lines allow us to pack peat and its substrates in packages from 20L to 250L and Big Bags 5,5-6 m3. It can be supplied in our packaging or in client foil – we realise private labels.

Designation of our peat products:

– substrates in large bags for producers of plants, vegetables and fruits

– HOBBY substrates with wide application in neat packaging

– substrate for garden and greenery

– substrates for green roofs.

We offer peats:

– Milling and block,

– White, black, transitional.

Available fractions (mm):

0-10, 5-10
0-20, 7-20, 8-20
0-40, 7-40, 8-40, 20-40

We have created special recipes of POLBALT products based on our knowledge and many years of experience. We have used the highest quality resources. The proper mixture of the light and dark peat enriched macro and microelements. Taking into account the weather condition and needs of plants, we offer full range of peat used to cultivation almost every plant in our gardens.

Botanica Professional is a brand that includes a full range of specialized substrates. Owing to their special quality and repeatability, Botanica Professional substrates are suitable in different growing and plant breeding conditions. Each substrate recipe is the result of years of experience with frequently tested compositions. Botanica Professional substrates meet the expectations of most demanding gardeners. This brand gains fame throughout the world thanks to professionalism and engagement during the process of production. High quality materials as well as consultations with our experts allow creation of a broad spectrum of unique substrate recipes. They are perfectly tailored to the needs of our Customers.

Our newest product line BIO JEŻYK represents 100% natural products which consists mix of different kinds of peat with natural fertilisers. You can relax and use that soils for ecological garden. It is a novelty that was not on the market.


Substrate for Lawn

High quality POLBALT soil for lawns contains sand supplement necessary for lawn planting, regeneration and care. It is intended for amateur lawn cultivation and makes also an excellent soil for soil-planted decorative bushes.


Universal Peat Soil

The substrate has been made of light turf from the best peat moors in Europe. This specific soil has been developed for the cultivation of any varieties of flowers and plants which require acid soil pH.

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