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Botanica vegetable substrate


This substrate was prepared of perfectly selected mix of white and black peat originating from the best European peat works. The substrate contains peat developed by means of modern milling technology and brick-formed peat. It was prepared especially to secure ideal growth of plants. Modern production technology guarantees product repeatability and extraordinary properties necessary for growing of vegetables. Reaction of the substrate is adjusted by means of chalk, pH 5,5-6,5. UNIVERSAL VEGETABLE SUBSTRATE contains multicomponent fertilizer PGMiX . he substrate should not be applied for production of seedling. Designed for growing of vegetables in advanced stage of development. The substrate is particularly recommended for growing of vegetables e.g. tomato, cucumber, pepper, excellent for growing in foil tunnels and greenhouses.

Available packages: 50 L.

Possibility of packaging in bags: 20L, 70-80L, 250L, BIG BALL.


Our modern packaging lines allows us to pack peat and peat substrates in packages from 20L to 250L and Big Bags 5,5-6 m3. It can be supplied in our packaging or private label packaging.

  • peat substrates in large bags for producers of plants, vegetables and fruits

  • hobby substrates with wide application in neat packaging

  • soils for garden and greenery

  • soils for green roofs

  • products are delivered in our packaging or private label packaging.

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