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Sowing Line

SOWING LINE 600/800/1200/1400

Complete electro-pneumatic sowing lines of varying performance for professional horticulture farms. Each set can be supplemented with additional equipment to streamline production and increase productivity by attaching another element such as a conveyor tray/multiplate feeder, substrate mixer, or a Big Bag shredder, and finally a palletizer that arranges trays on pallets ready for distribution in greenhouses or tunnels. Trays on the pallet can be configured in any way you want. The machines are equipped with precision and quick drum drills that can be easily exchanged, that allows to plant, for example, two lettuce seeds into one cell (two colours). It is also possible to use a double-drum seed drill which further increases speed and precision.

A complete restyling of the traditional drum line, the leader in the Mosa range of precision seeders. Greater compacting at maximum working capacity, easy electronic control of all working components, with the well-known exclusive modularity

Mosa’s most recent creation, a modular system which boasts all the exclusive features of the leading models from the precision seeder range.

Evolution of the TO53R, well known in the market as the “Compact”, which is now based on the Mosa modular system, an exclusive feature in all leading precision sowing lines.

Te design of this new electronically-controlled machine benefts from technical expertise acquired over more than a decade’s experience in precision sowing with a professional range of drum seeding machines for small, medium and large companies. Te small drum, which can be changed very quickly, is designed for optimum distribution in the vacuum, which positions the “Mosa” nozzles on the stainless steel inserts, a guarantee of long-lasting precision seeding and perfect cleanliness.

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