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Acid peat Botanica

ACID PEAT Botanica

Sphagnum peat packed in Botanica Professional foil comes from the finest peatbogs in Europe. It’s perfectly selected blend of sod peat and peat harvested using modern milling technology. Our offer includes acid peat with pH 3,5-4,5

Neutralized peat compose a perfect base from which peat substrates can be produced. Peat do not contain fertilize and not only regulate water and air conditions but also improve weak, heavy and catchment soil structure. Acid substrates can be used as additions to the compost. They support the formation of humus. Botanica Professional peat contains easily dismantled organic matter which provides humus. It regulates the water balance in soil and restores its biological balance.

In Botanica Professional portfolio, You can find ACID, NEUTRALIZED and PROFESSIONAL PEAT SUBSTRATES available in different grain size fractions. Thanks to consultations with our experts, You can create for yourself the optimum blend of milled and sod peat.


Our modern packaging lines allows us to pack peat and peat substrates in packages from 20L to 250L and Big Bags 5,5-6 m3. It can be supplied in our packaging or private label packaging.

  • peat substrates in large bags for producers of plants, vegetables and fruits

  • hobby substrates with wide application in neat packaging

  • soils for garden and greenery

  • soils for green roofs

  • products are delivered in our packaging or private label packaging.

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